pinpoint segmentation

DIGGING DEEPER. We probe more thoroughly and plan more aggressively
to uncover the key insights that will move the needle for our clients.
pinpoint segmentation™

At L&H, we don’t just create ads or campaigns in a vacuum. We conduct
a thorough examination of your current and possible future marketplaces.
Then, utilizing extensive qualitative and quantitative research, we "listen"
to what consumers, business customers and your competitors really
think about you and your product.

To gain this in-depth knowledge, we have developed a proprietary research
tool called Pinpoint Segmentation™. It enables us to drill down even further
than conventional research methods, giving us a profile of your prospect
that resembles a DNA analysis. It helps separate fact from fiction, so we
can remain totally objective.

When we’re done, we have a step-by-step roadmap of the consumer
decision-making process. Pinpoint Segmentation provides the
critical insight we need to create focused, impactful and successful
marketing programs.