L&H ANALYTICS. The closer we look, the more we find.

In today's marketing world, analytics should guide our hand in making choices about where to allocate dollars. We know that our clients are typically too busy to deal with the necessary level of detail to do this, and we are pleased to add this value to our client relationships.

We use client analytics and our pinpoint segmentation process to develop 360-degree brand immersion programs that optimize budgets and get results. By paying attention to what the data tells us, we are able to recommend the marketing tactics that get the highest return.

At L&H, we don´t measure results annually, monthly or even weekly. Results are measured daily and decisions are made often to dedicate dollars to the programs that produce results. We pay attention to what is working, and optimize our clients' programs so that we get the absolute most out of every budget. It's one of the things we're known for... ask our clients.

Here are some of the ways we measure effectiveness:

As we gauge daily results from a search campaign, we can see what keywords and messaging are producing results. From that analysis, we automatically dedicate more budget dollars to what produces the best return and that's how we get the optimum ROI.

We constantly develop programs that systematically move a prospect further and further through the sales funnel. As you can see, these metrics are useful in determining what programs to invest in further, based on conversion rates.

The short story is that L&H knows that sales and customer conversions are what pay the bills, and as marketers, we are committed to continually improving our client's messaging to ensure the highest return on investment.